Jim Cramer really needs no introduction.

He was an ultra-successful hedge fund manager who walked away from the business after one of his best years ever. He is a well-known media personality who hosts a wildly successful television show called “Mad Money with Jim Cramer”. He is a part-owner of TheStreet.com, frequently penning articles for the site.

He has written books, appeared on major talk shows and is frequently quoted in major media stories.

There is no middle ground with Jim Cramer. Either people really love him or really hate him.

Regardless of what you think about him, there is one thing that is for certain – it’s not often that an average investor can see exactly what stocks a former hedge fund manager is trading.

This is the idea behind “Action Alerts Plus”, a membership service that is offered by TheStreet.com and Jim Cramer.

What is Action Alerts Plus?

This powerful service, Action Alerts Plus allows users to follow the stocks Jim Cramer buys and sells for his charitable trust fund of the same name, Action Alerts Plus. Subscribers are given email updates of stocks Jim Cramer will buy or sell before he makes the trade – trades he must commit to, due to SEC regulations. Users have found this particularly helpful, stating if you follow Cramer’s picks, following the charitable trust will make you big money. Buy when he buys and sell when he sells.  Follow his trades in real time.

Emails are sent 1-3 times a day updating the trades of the stocks held in the charitable trust that Jim Cramer and his staff including Stephanie Link are going to make. Cramer also sends short reports regarding stocks held in the charitable trust. These can be really helpful and give you an idea of what research Jim and his staff use to buy or sell a stock. These are not spam and are extremely helpful to give you an idea of how professional investors and traders make decisions.  The website describes in detail the background of both Jim and Stephanie as well as their investing philosophy.

Is it Worth the Cost? How will it Help My Investing Strategy?

Action Alerts Plus can also be very helpful for beginning investors. Being able to follow Cramer’s daily trades and the specific reasoning behind his stock moves is entertaining and educational. Although you can follow the trades of other investing experts, Cramer maintains a particular style in Action Alerts Plus that you have to try for yourself.  Check out the 25 Rules of Investing and 10 Commandments of Trading before signing up. These pages give you some insight into where he is investing foundation is laid.

Action Alerts Plus invests in mostly well known blue chip and large cap stocks. These are mostly household names of large conglomerates that are the best of breed in their sector. You will see very few small caps or anything remotely volatile as penny stocks. Stocks like John Deere, Apple, Oracle, and Bank of America are present in the fund. It also happens to buy a lot of dividend stocks. Cramer is not a day trader in this fund but certainly not a buy and hold investor. This makes dividend stocks highly profitable.

The main problem with Action Alerts is the trading style that Mr. Cramer adopts for the charitable trust. It is a larger fund than most readers can duplicate and because of this he can adopt a more frequent trading style – often doing quarter positions in a stock and then growing it over time (or moving out of it over time). For example, if Cramer wants to initiate a position in a stock, he might buy 20% of what he really wants to test the market and make sure he can get it at the price he wants. Most investors do not have this luxury and in fact may overpay.

What’s the Bottom Line?

The majority of users will never have the amount of money like Cramer to invest and so cannot trade in this way as effectively nor can they trade in as many different stocks. Since they cannot mimic Cramer’s portfolio they tend to not be diversified.

Nevertheless, Action Alerts Plus should enable you on how to learn to invest and trade. By appealing to the everyday investor, the charitable trust speaks in a language that is often comfortable and with less jargon. Although some could argue this is a disadvantage, Cramer does all of the work for you. You would benefit to know the jargon but you don’t have to.

Action Alerts Plus is a great starting premium investment service.  If you are still undecided on whether to sign up because of the price you can sign up for the free trial version which I am using to review the service. You will not be flooded with spam email, pressured into buying further services, or receive unrelated emails.

Start a monthly subscription of Jim Cramer’s Action Alerts PLUS for only $59.95 and receive your first 14 days FREE!

Created in 2011, TradeRush is a brokerage company that is part of the group Edbruke Investments Limited, a global group of binary option trading based in Cyprus. This brokerage company is managed by professionals in finances and the Internet industry.

Boasting an elegant design, the TradeRush broker offers excellent graphic tools, notably thanks to their SpotOption technical platform. The advanced technology of this platform offers irreproachable execution of orders and allows the negotiation of more than 100 underlying assets with the types of High / Low, One Touch, and speed trading options in 60 seconds.

Platform Overview

TradeRush uses SpotOption as their trading platform, which is the preferred choice for most traders.  Through their platform you can trade binary options on over 100 different assets in a variety of financial markets including commodities, currencies, stocks, and indices.   They also have a mobile application so you can make trades right from your smartphone.

The user interface of this platform is extremely easy to navigate and only takes a few clicks to start trading.  They currently offer over 100 assets to trade with and several different trade types to give you plenty of options to choose from.  The trade types available on this platform include: High/Low, Option Builder, Option Pro, One Touch, and 60 Seconds.

To start trading binary options on the TradeRush platform, you just have to follow these simple steps:

  1. Select Your Trade Type and Asset
  2. Choose Your Expiry Time
  3. Enter Your Investment Amount
  4. Choose Which Direction You Think The Market Will Go (Up or Down)
  5. Click “BUY”.

Trading Tools


A mobile trading application for the iPhone exists to trade binary options on TradeRush. Some forex platforms are working on an advanced development to enable their traders trade TradeRush binary options from MT4.


There is a market sentiment button that aids traders gauge market bias for the assey they want to trade. TradeRush also offers line charts to monitor active trades and also acts as a rudimentary tool for technical analysis for experienced traders.


There is a news tab for fundamental traders to monitor market events with.


TradeRush does have a pretty good selection of assets to choose from.  Here’s a breakdown of the assets they currently have available.

  • 44  Stocks –  You can trade stock options from all the biggest companies in the world such as Apple, Nike, Google, IBM, Facebook, and plenty more.
  • 25 Currency Pairs – They have more forex currency pairs than most brokers with a huge selection such as USD/GBP, USA/AUD, GBP/JPY, and much more.
  • 10 Commodities –  TradeRush has a good selection of commodities that include Silver, Gold, Wheat, Corn, and Oil.
  • 28 Indices – They have a great selection of indices that include NASDAQ, S&P 500, DAX (Germany), FTSE 100 (U.K.), and more.

TradeRush 1 TradeRush SCAM   Dont Trade! read before trading

Deposits and Withdrawals

For deposits and withdrawals on TradeRush, the following payment methods exist:

1)    Bank wires must deposit a minimum of $200. A $30 fee is charged for transfers that are lower than this amount. Withdrawals using wire transfers are charged $30.

2)    Skrill (view all Skrill binary brokers here)

3)    These credit card brands are accepted: MasterCard, VISA, American Express, Maestro, and Diner’s Club.

Minimum Deposit

The minimum deposit is $200 or 200 GBP/Euros irrespective of the payment channel used.

Maximum Deposit

Maximum deposit limits on TradeRush are $10,000 for credit cards, $5000 for Moneybookers and unlimited amounts for wire transfers.

Deposit Info

Credit card verification must be carried out before using the credit card option. Send a government issued photo ID and scanned copies of the front and back of the card with the last 4 digits blocked off.

Withdrawal Info

The minimum withdrawal amount for bank wires is $100 but $30 for all other payment channels. Card withdrawals and wthdrawals using Moneybookers are free. Only one free withdrawal is permitted per month.


Even though TradeRush is a relatively young trading platform, they are worth a serious consideration due to the following reasons:

  • Efficient Trading Platform
  • Large Diverse Asset List
  • Good Customer Support
  • High Returns
  • High Welcome Bonus
  • Low Minimum Deposit And Trade Requirement
  • 4 Main Types Of Trade
  • Mobile Trading Supported
  • Fast Processing Of Withdrawal


When you go over what TradeRush is offering their clients, there really isn’t anything to complain about. Despite being established only in 2011, they seem to be a pretty mature business operation.


Overall, this is a great trading platform for both beginner and advanced traders. They have great risk-management tools such as Rollover and Double Up, which allow you to extend your trade’s expiry time or double your investment amount in mid-trade.

TradeRush had made it very easy for anyone to access the financial markets with their low minimum deposit requirement of $200. But what I like about them most is the fact you could trade with an amount as low as $5! Very few brokers had made it that affordable. If you are looking for a binary options broker to deal with, I seriously urge you to consider TradeRush as one good possibility.

>> CLICK HERE to visit TradeRush Website <<


Optionally, we highly recommend you check out the following Binary Options platforms:

>> BossCapital

>> Redwood Option


ZuluTrade is a company founded by Leon Yohai in 2006 and provides a web based platform that bridges the gap between the knowledge of professional traders and the trade execution of other traders around the world.

Ever since its inception, ZuluTrade has helped a large number of traders to benefit from the knowledge and insights of the world’s leading forex traders. ZuluTrade essentially makes forex trading more social and collaborative in which the strengths of the few knowledgeable people can be leveraged to bring success to many others.

Trading Platform

The signal providers use either ZuluTrade’s trading station or their own MetaTrader 4 setup to carry out their trading activities. ZuluTrade then follows the trades created by the signal provider and duplicates it in the accounts of subscribers who have subscribed to that particular signal provider. The entire process is extremely quick and takes only a few milliseconds.

ZuluTrade’s platform also uses their proprietary algorithm, ZuluRank, to analyze the performance of various signal providers. It takes into account various factors like the frequency of trading, drawdown of trades, the overall profit/loss, the age of the signal provider, the open time of trades, etc. It is based on these factors that ZuluTrade ranks the signal provider making your job of selecting a good signal provider even easier.

Account Setup

Setting up an account is quite easy. ZuluTrade does provide a demo account. A live trade account is required with one of the supported brokers, and a form must be filled out and faxed to ZuluTrade which can take about 1 day to process. ZuluTrade recommends at least $1000 for a live trading account. Minilots and standard lots may be traded. Profit withdrawal is arranged as normal through the broker, not ZuluTrade.

How trustworthy is the Zulutrade Platform ?

There have been concerned of what if Zulu closes down the page, and what is going to happen with my investments? Well this website has been online for over 7 years and is a accredited by the NFA (National Futures Association) has its head office in New York and several branches in the UK, Japan and China.

Zulutrade offers opportunities to trade by yourself, as well as the copying of signals from other traders, in all sorts of investments are risks involved this is the nature of investment, however Zulu offers a great control over risk management.You are being notified about wrong steps you may do and your account is constantly being observed for best results.


It is actually fun to peruse the hundreds of signal providers to pick the right one. It is even more fun to wake up and check and see how many pips were made while sleeping! The risk, as with any investment, is that the performance of a great signal provider today may not be great tomorrow and nothing is guaranteed. But chances are, if a provider has shown 90% winning trades over several weeks and averages 400 pips per week, it is likely that performance will continue. It is recommended to only pick one or two providers maximum to autotrade, to minimize the risk of margin call on trade accounts. Demo this service now to see how revolutionary it is.

Definitely 5 Stars!

>> Click here to setup a Free Demo Account with ZuluTrade


Real Forex was launched in 2008 with the aim of bringing a new level of service to FX traders by bridging the gap between the institutional and retail FX trading world.

Real–Forex acts as a Non Dealing Desk FX broker and provides transparent and fair execution through the best ECN trading platform: Real Stream FX. Traders are directly connected to the WORLD TOP 10 BANKS streaming pricing, without any interference.

Trading Platform

Traders that open an account with Real Forex can choose between the standard MetaTrader4 platform or the company’s own Real Stream option. For the purposes of this Real Forex review we focused on the Real Stream platform, and were surprised by the efficiency of the platform. Traders can choose between 1 click trading, 2 click trading and Click & Confirm trading. We found the platform very easy to configure and were happy that it had enough room to move around the panes so that all of the most important information could fit inside neatly. The platform configuration can also be saved so that traders can return to find the platform exactly as they like it. It is important to note that traders who forget to save their settings will have to re-customize their platform as they desire.

One thing of specific note about the Real Forex platform is that trade executions were extremely fast as compared with those from other brokers. We especially liked the ability to do a partial close and to close all positions at once, and were fond of the one click execution, which sped up an already fast platform. Overall, we were remarkably satisfied with the functionality and execution of the Real Stream platform.

Customer Service

Real Forex offers customer service 24/5. Assistance is available via phone with a local UK number only, but traders who prefer to contact the broker for free can take advantage of the broker’s email support or chat service.

Managed by qualified and very committed professionals with great FX trading experience, Real–Forex creates a new quality of trading environment, improving stability, speed of execution, and interface intuitiveness, along with a customized superior service and trading support to self and corporate traders worldwide.

Final Thoughts

Considering the impressive nature of Real Forex’s platform and the broker’s extremely quick trade execution, it’s a bit disappointing that this Forex broker is still unregulated. The representatives that we spoke to were confident that the regulation would be shortly forthcoming, and we hope that this is the case. Despite this one deficiency, we were highly impressed with Real Forex and believe that thisForex broker has a real chance at becoming a truly top broker when it is fully regulated.

>> Click here to open an account with Real-Forex <<


hy markets HYmarkets Review   online broker reviews

HY Markets is a market leading global forex and CFD broker that was named Best FX Broker Northern Europe, 2012 and Best FX Mini Account Provider, 2012. HY Markets is part of Henyep Capital Markets, a UK-based FSA-regulated trading company and a division of global financial conglomerate Henyep Group, which has been operating in the financial services industry for over 35 years.

It has made a name for itself as a leader in offering its clients the optimal trading environment platform, while providing the ability to easily and efficiently trade any financial product around the globe including: Currencies, Oil & Gas, Metals, Commodities, Indices and Stocks.

Henyep Capital Markets operates three main brands all of which have been enjoying enormous success over the last few years.

HY Markets

HY Markets which is the main retail online trading division. It provides individual investors with access to all capital markets including forex, metals, commodities, equities, indices and more.


PIPTRADE is their bespoke spread trading division which provides individual investors with access to the world markets using its innovative spread trading method.

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>> To learn more on PIPTrade, click here…

HY Investment

Finally the group also operate HY Investment which is industry-leading platform for introducing brokers and white label partners.

How to Start with HY Markets

The minimum account deposit for a regular account is $750 and for the mini account it is $50. The premium account is available for $2500. The minimum leverage is 200:1 and the PIP spread is 3. There are no commissions. Those that are concerned about marginal trading can do so with the low 200:1 leverage. There are other brokers that provide with 100:1 too. The payment options for HY markets are Bank Wire, credit card and Paypal.

>> Click Here to Open Your Account <<

Available Platform

The platform of the HYMarkets is cool and good to use software and it can be accessed by any computer that has an internet to it. The software provides with the following:-
• Real time forex news.
• Technical analysis tool.
• Real time account information and updates.
• Good banking security.
• Advanced charting for forex signals.
• Freeze rate function.
• Amount to risk function.

Support and Training

The customer support is pretty good with multilingual support. They have a 24 hour online support with providing clarifications about deposit and withdrawal to the client at any time. They offer beginners with a tutorial on trading basics, technical analysis, market commentary, and fundamental analysis.

hy markets thumb HYmarkets Review   online broker reviews

What Advantages do you get with HY Markets?

• advanced charting systems

• sophisticated technical analysis tools to give you a competitive edge

• real-time news and instant reporting of economic indicators

• A wider product offering including oil/gas, metals, commodities, stocks

• get alerts on sharp rate movements of all markets

• award Winning MetaTrader (MT4) Software

The Final Verdict

A unique trading software that is highly secure, reliable and easy to use all make HY Markets a top-quality Forex broker.

The customer support at HY Markets is top-of-the-line.  There is phone support email and chat support assistance to resolve any problems that may arise.

HY Markets caters to both beginners and professional traders.  Inexperienced traders can open a demo account to try out the platform and to become accustomed to placing trades, or they can start trading with real money for just $50.  HY Markets created a superb, graphical, easy-to-use and easy to navigate trading platform.

>> Click Here to Start Trading with HY Markets <<

Russian Site

Chinese Site

Arabic Site

PipTrade Trading Platforms

PipTrade features a ground-breaking web-based trading platform that allows simple and easy trading execution on the foremost financial markets such as major indices, shares, commodities, forex and metals such as gold and silver.

This exclusive trading platform was designed to offer effortless access to the markets for any individual, regardless of their own trading experience. At the same time it includes a wide range of other state-of-the-art features that sets it apart from the competition.

PipTrade offer a pioneering Dollar per Tick Trading System that brings you the easiest way to trade the markets. The system is simple; you choose your product, decide the dollar value per tick, choose the amount to risk and execute the trade.

Opening a PipTrade account is immediate with the full procedure allowing customers to start trading in less than 5 minutes. This results from the fact that PipTrade allows customers to fund their trading accounts using their credit cards, many other online payment options and traditional methods like wire transfer.

Mini Account

You can open a Mini Account with only $50 and have access to PipTrade’s complete product offering and dedicated customer service.

Mini Accounts are designed for investors who have less trading experience and for those who would like to reduce their risk by trading with a smaller amount of money. It is also a useful option for investors who are looking to improve their trading strategies.

  • Start trading from a little as $50
  • Up to 200:1 leverage
  • As little as $0.10 per point
  • 5 PIP spreads ‡‡

Standard Account
The Standard Account is designed for investors who are looking for lower spreads but also smaller contract sizes that allows them to diversify their portfolios.

  • Start trading from $750
  • Up to 200:1 leverage
  • As little as $0.50 per point
  • 4 PIP spreads ‡‡

Premium Account

The Premium Account is designed for investors who want access to PipTrade’s exclusive VIP services and extremely tight spreads.

  • Start trading from $2,500
  • Up to 200:1 leverage
  • From $5 per point
  • 3 PIP spreads ‡‡

VIP Service

You can get exclusive VIP treatment through the PipTrade Personal Dealer Service:

  • 24 hour a day communication and a direct line to the Dealing Room
  • Instant assistance when you are away from your computer
  • Exclusive market information:
    • Daily emails from credible international banking analysts and financial organizations
    • Daily morning fundamental market reports
    • A weekly review of the markets and trends
    • Multiple daily updates and Technical Recommendations on your most traded products
    • Instant reporting of economic indicators and alerts of rapid price movements

Final Verdit

With PipTrade, one account can provide access to all major spread betting markets. Trade all capital markets on one easy to use platform which supplies clients with the convenience of choosing their price viewing options whilst gaining access to live tradable prices, charts and trade screen in the same application. Marios Chailis, Henyep Group’s Marketing Director has stated, “PipTrade’s Dollar per Tick Trading can now be considered as the easiest way to trade financial products across all capital markets.”

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>> To Learn More on HY Markets, Click Here…

Russian Site

Chinese Site

Arabic Site

etoro Trading platform

eToro Key Features:

Up to $10,000 on your first deposit bonus

  • Open Book – Facebook of trading
  • Free practice account with real time rates
  • Personal trading coach and 1 on 1 trading sessions
  • A VIP account with exclusive benefits
  • Advanced Forex and commodities trading tools

Why eToro?

For beginners there are few better places to start trading then eToro. Their revolutionary platform enables hundreds of thousands of people to approach their financial aspirations. No other company does more to help you progress your trading than they do by making Forex easier to master than ever before.

eToro offers more for first time traders than anywhere else. With comprehensive practice trading and outstanding learning support, together with the most enjoyable and understandable trading platform you can experience, anywhere, we make learning Forex simple and rewarding.

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Considered by many new to forex trading to be one of the best forex brokers online, Cyprus based eToro was founded fairly recently in 2006. eToro is regulated by CySEC in Europe and ASIC in Australia, as well as the CFTC and NFA in the United States.

In terms of suitability, eToro would probably have the greatest appeal to newer forex traders or forex trading dabblers that require educational materials and are happy to use a more simplistic forex trading platform.

Account Types

Demo Accounts – eToro offers a free demo account to those who wish to practice trading with the online forex broker before they actually fund an account. This account is funded with $10,000 of virtual money and can be used to test the performance of manual or automated trading systems.

Standard Accounts – eToro offers four types of standard trading accounts: Bronze, Silver, Gold and V.I.P. Traders can qualify for successively better account types depending on how much volume they trade or how many funds they deposit. Better account types offer improved services and trading conditions.

Islamic Accounts – Those who do not wish to pay or receive interest due to automatic forex rollovers at 5:00pm EST can open an Islamic account with a minimum deposit of $1,000 that is operated in accordance with Islamic Sharia law. Instead of rolling over positions, all positions open at 5 pm EST are automatically closed out. The trader can then reestablish the positions immediately.

Funding and Withdrawal Options

eToro offers a variety of forex trading account funding options. You can fund accounts with as little as $50 using credit cards, PayPal balances, Neteller, MoneyBookers, WebMoney and GiroPay in Germany. A higher minimum deposit of $500 is required if you fund via bank wire transfer, Western Union or MoneyGram.

Withdrawals can be initiated via an electronic form, with some fees charged depending how large an amount is withdrawn. First time withdrawals require additional documentation.

Trading Platforms

eToro aims to make forex trading fun by offering its own innovative animated trading platform. The broker also partners with Tradonomi LLC to offer that company’s more professional online trading platform to its clients.

The company also offers a web based platform called WebTrader that can suit Mac or Linux users, as well as traveling traders. In addition, eToro offers its Mobile Trader app for Android mobile devices to clients free of charge.

eToro Openbook – See, follow, copy!

etoro Openbook platform

eToro offer the latest trading community, where Facbook meets the markets.

See what real tradersare buying and selling in real time. Get an online identity and start trading with confidence now. Another reason that Tradermaker.com recommends eToro!

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This is one of the most reliable and famous binary options platform world-wide. EmpireOption is registered in British Virgin Islands and is owned by a company named Lubona Enterprises Ltd.. Its main goal is to give traders access to numerous financial assets through a state of the art trading software.


The company is headquartered in Montevideo, Uruguay in the reputed building of World trade center. EmpireOption physical address is Luis Bonavita 1294 office 1510, ZIP Code: 11300 and can be contacted by Phone: (+598) 2626 2006.

Empire Option Trading Platform

The platform offered by EmpireOption offers the full variety of binary options that every trader is familiar with.


Binary Options – The typical High/Low options where the investor has to make a prediction of whether the price of an option will be higher or lower than the current one. These options offer a return of 71-81% and can be traded at normal market hours (during the working week).

Option Builder – As the name suggests, traders can build their own options by selecting custom expiry date and risk reward ratio. Of course, there are certain limitations set by the broker. It is a useful feature for experienced traders.

One Touch Options – the trader has to predict if the price will ever touch once a predetermined price level. These options are interesting to be traded during the weekend because the payouts are immense – up to 750%! The minimum trading unit here is $50 which means that you can win $425 or lose the initial investment.

In addition to the above mentioned binary options types, EmpireOption offers the newest type of options called 60 seconds that are very popular nowadays. These instruments have a very short lifetime and expire in a minute from opening. They can be interpreted as equivalent to Forex scalping which is a trading strategy in Forex aiming to make many small profits and generate income coming from the high amount of successful trades despite their volume.

The EmpireOption platform is available for mobile devices thus ensuring access to the markets on the go. You can download the application for iPhone and Android completely secure.

Trading Stocks

Empire Option offers its investors 52 stocks, a wide variety of currencies, several commodities and huge number of indices to be traded with. If you are a new trader in the binary option trading market this is a good choice for you. The platform has many similarities with other top class binary option trading platforms but the neatness and simplicity with this site makes it unique in its own class.

Unique Features Provided by EmpireOption.com are:

  • Weekly and Daily Market Reviews.
  • One Touch Options.
  • In the Insurance feature, they offer 10 percent return.
  • Yahoo News Feed.

High Return Rates

EmpireOption offers one of the highest return rates in the market. The in-the-money feature provides the investors up to 85 percent return. Instead of that the out-of-the-money offers investors up to 10 percent return.


EmpireOption offers its investors 3 languages to communicate with it. These are: English, Portuguese and Spanish.


This platform offers its customers special kind of promotions which will help you to get more profit. The three types of promotions are Bonus for First Time Depositors, Refer a Friend, and Bonus for Trades.

Customer Support

They offer high standard customers support for its customers with email, live chat, phone call.

>> Click Here to Visit EmpireOption <<

For French site, click here.

For Portuguese site, click here.

For Spanish site, click here.

Jason Fielder is coming up with another Forex course – the Cloud Control Trader.  This Forex system is unlike any in the market. It uses the same trading rules of some of the largest banks.

Who is Jason Fielder?

Jason Fielder

Also known as the “Guru” and “Veteran” of foreign exchange, Jason Fielder has been successfully trading in foreign currency for the past 15 years. Jason has launched many courses and literally has helped thousands of traders. These courses are not just by someone who has recently found success in foreign currency trades. These are by someone who has not only himself found success in forex trading but has also helped hundreds of people in quitting their day jobs and take foreign currency trade as a proper and full time business.

Jason’s life story is very much similar to any of us. He used to go on his job in the morning and returned late at night and never got time to spend with his family. He was taking foreign currency trading as a part time business. Finally, Jason thought to take foreign currency trade as a full time job. In 2006, he quit his highly paid job to give forex more time. Quitting his job which was considered as a dream job by many was really worth it as Jason got huge success and respect in forex and now is also one of the few gurus of foreign currency trade.

With Cloud Control Trader by Jason Fielder, you can trade like the Pros, like the Banks do.

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The Truth About Forex Trading

You cannot start forex trading or any type of business without proper education and guidance. Although it is true that anyone can step in forex trading however, people who jump into this business without any guidance usually fail. Many start without any guidance and the ones who adopt some forex trading course end up getting scammed. This is the main reason why more than 90% people fail in forex trading. You need a perfect and trustworthy forex trading course. There is no doubt that you can learn forex trading yourself through trial and error, but there is no point in spending time and money when all the hard work has already been done for you by someone else.

Introducing the Forex Profit Multiplier

Forex Profit Multiplier developed by Bill Poulos is a complete forex training course which can be used by anyone with any level of expertise in forex trading. The main target of this course is to let you create a sustainable trading income in no time. Forex Profit Multiplier is known as the best forex trading course available in the market today. It is developed by the person who is himself in forex trading from more than 10 years.

>> Click here to get more information from Forex Profit Multiplier Official Website.

Forex Profit Multiplier Review – Is it a Scam?

The only thing which stops people from buying any software or online course is whether it is a scam or not. To put it in simple words, the answer is a big NO. Forex Profit Multiplier is developed by a very trustworthy forex trader who also owns the company named Profits Run. You will get your money back in few months if you follow the course step by step. Bill Poulos claims that Forex Trading Multiplier is the best and up-to-date forex trading course available in the market today. Thousands of people are using this course and many have found success in very little time. There are also hundreds of Forex Multiplier Reviews available online.

Listen to the below interview with Bill Poulos about the Forex Profit Multiplier:


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Advantages of Forex Profit Multiplier

1-      Start trading with only $500. Yes, multiplying small capital is possible with this forex trading course

2-      Bill has left no topic uncovered. It is your complete guide for forex trading

3-      Start trading from home without anyone’s help

4-      Clear your mind with regular questions and answers sessions

5-      Get alerts via SMS or RSS by using the special trading alert software developed by Bill Poulos

6-      It makes trading possible for those who have tight schedules and can give only an hour or two daily to forex trading.

7-      Weekly Online Coaching Sessions

8-      24/7 Exceptional Support

9-      1 on 1 training sessions in Live Trading Room

Forex Profit Multiplier Bonus

Although, the training course is enough to teach you the skills required for your success. Bonuses offered by Forex Profit Multiplier are also very useful. Bonuses usually include the tools and other software which help you a lot in your training and trading. Many forex trading courses offer bonuses to their students but the main difference between those and Forex Profit Multiplier Bonus is that that they are a source of distraction and instead of helping you in any way, they eat up your precious time.


There is no need to read reviews or try other forex trading courses when you already know about Forex Profit Multiplier. Make sure you sign up for this course before all the slots get filled. Bill Poulos only takes in a specific number of students so he can provide them with the best possible training. During the course, you will be taken from basic level to advanced level in a very nice and professional way. Do not hesitate to buy this course. You will surely not regret it, plus you will also be given 90 days money back guarantee. You have nothing to lose.

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