PipTrade Trading Platforms

PipTrade features a ground-breaking web-based trading platform that allows simple and easy trading execution on the foremost financial markets such as major indices, shares, commodities, forex and metals such as gold and silver.

This exclusive trading platform was designed to offer effortless access to the markets for any individual, regardless of their own trading experience. At the same time it includes a wide range of other state-of-the-art features that sets it apart from the competition.

PipTrade offer a pioneering Dollar per Tick Trading System that brings you the easiest way to trade the markets. The system is simple; you choose your product, decide the dollar value per tick, choose the amount to risk and execute the trade.

Opening a PipTrade account is immediate with the full procedure allowing customers to start trading in less than 5 minutes. This results from the fact that PipTrade allows customers to fund their trading accounts using their credit cards, many other online payment options and traditional methods like wire transfer.

Mini Account

You can open a Mini Account with only $50 and have access to PipTrade’s complete product offering and dedicated customer service.

Mini Accounts are designed for investors who have less trading experience and for those who would like to reduce their risk by trading with a smaller amount of money. It is also a useful option for investors who are looking to improve their trading strategies.

  • Start trading from a little as $50
  • Up to 200:1 leverage
  • As little as $0.10 per point
  • 5 PIP spreads ‡‡

Standard Account
The Standard Account is designed for investors who are looking for lower spreads but also smaller contract sizes that allows them to diversify their portfolios.

  • Start trading from $750
  • Up to 200:1 leverage
  • As little as $0.50 per point
  • 4 PIP spreads ‡‡

Premium Account

The Premium Account is designed for investors who want access to PipTrade’s exclusive VIP services and extremely tight spreads.

  • Start trading from $2,500
  • Up to 200:1 leverage
  • From $5 per point
  • 3 PIP spreads ‡‡

VIP Service

You can get exclusive VIP treatment through the PipTrade Personal Dealer Service:

  • 24 hour a day communication and a direct line to the Dealing Room
  • Instant assistance when you are away from your computer
  • Exclusive market information:
    • Daily emails from credible international banking analysts and financial organizations
    • Daily morning fundamental market reports
    • A weekly review of the markets and trends
    • Multiple daily updates and Technical Recommendations on your most traded products
    • Instant reporting of economic indicators and alerts of rapid price movements

Final Verdit

With PipTrade, one account can provide access to all major spread betting markets. Trade all capital markets on one easy to use platform which supplies clients with the convenience of choosing their price viewing options whilst gaining access to live tradable prices, charts and trade screen in the same application. Marios Chailis, Henyep Group’s Marketing Director has stated, “PipTrade’s Dollar per Tick Trading can now be considered as the easiest way to trade financial products across all capital markets.”

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Chinese Site

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eToro Key Features:

Up to $10,000 on your first deposit bonus

  • Open Book – Facebook of trading
  • Free practice account with real time rates
  • Personal trading coach and 1 on 1 trading sessions
  • A VIP account with exclusive benefits
  • Advanced Forex and commodities trading tools

Why eToro?

For beginners there are few better places to start trading then eToro. Their revolutionary platform enables hundreds of thousands of people to approach their financial aspirations. No other company does more to help you progress your trading than they do by making Forex easier to master than ever before.

eToro offers more for first time traders than anywhere else. With comprehensive practice trading and outstanding learning support, together with the most enjoyable and understandable trading platform you can experience, anywhere, we make learning Forex simple and rewarding.

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Considered by many new to forex trading to be one of the best forex brokers online, Cyprus based eToro was founded fairly recently in 2006. eToro is regulated by CySEC in Europe and ASIC in Australia, as well as the CFTC and NFA in the United States.

In terms of suitability, eToro would probably have the greatest appeal to newer forex traders or forex trading dabblers that require educational materials and are happy to use a more simplistic forex trading platform.

Account Types

Demo Accounts – eToro offers a free demo account to those who wish to practice trading with the online forex broker before they actually fund an account. This account is funded with $10,000 of virtual money and can be used to test the performance of manual or automated trading systems.

Standard Accounts – eToro offers four types of standard trading accounts: Bronze, Silver, Gold and V.I.P. Traders can qualify for successively better account types depending on how much volume they trade or how many funds they deposit. Better account types offer improved services and trading conditions.

Islamic Accounts – Those who do not wish to pay or receive interest due to automatic forex rollovers at 5:00pm EST can open an Islamic account with a minimum deposit of $1,000 that is operated in accordance with Islamic Sharia law. Instead of rolling over positions, all positions open at 5 pm EST are automatically closed out. The trader can then reestablish the positions immediately.

Funding and Withdrawal Options

eToro offers a variety of forex trading account funding options. You can fund accounts with as little as $50 using credit cards, PayPal balances, Neteller, MoneyBookers, WebMoney and GiroPay in Germany. A higher minimum deposit of $500 is required if you fund via bank wire transfer, Western Union or MoneyGram.

Withdrawals can be initiated via an electronic form, with some fees charged depending how large an amount is withdrawn. First time withdrawals require additional documentation.

Trading Platforms

eToro aims to make forex trading fun by offering its own innovative animated trading platform. The broker also partners with Tradonomi LLC to offer that company’s more professional online trading platform to its clients.

The company also offers a web based platform called WebTrader that can suit Mac or Linux users, as well as traveling traders. In addition, eToro offers its Mobile Trader app for Android mobile devices to clients free of charge.

eToro Openbook – See, follow, copy!


eToro offer the latest trading community, where Facbook meets the markets.

See what real tradersare buying and selling in real time. Get an online identity and start trading with confidence now. Another reason that Tradermaker.com recommends eToro!

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This is one of the most reliable and famous binary options platform world-wide. EmpireOption is registered in British Virgin Islands and is owned by a company named Lubona Enterprises Ltd.. Its main goal is to give traders access to numerous financial assets through a state of the art trading software.


The company is headquartered in Montevideo, Uruguay in the reputed building of World trade center. EmpireOption physical address is Luis Bonavita 1294 office 1510, ZIP Code: 11300 and can be contacted by Phone: (+598) 2626 2006.

Empire Option Trading Platform

The platform offered by EmpireOption offers the full variety of binary options that every trader is familiar with.


Binary Options – The typical High/Low options where the investor has to make a prediction of whether the price of an option will be higher or lower than the current one. These options offer a return of 71-81% and can be traded at normal market hours (during the working week).

Option Builder – As the name suggests, traders can build their own options by selecting custom expiry date and risk reward ratio. Of course, there are certain limitations set by the broker. It is a useful feature for experienced traders.

One Touch Options – the trader has to predict if the price will ever touch once a predetermined price level. These options are interesting to be traded during the weekend because the payouts are immense – up to 750%! The minimum trading unit here is $50 which means that you can win $425 or lose the initial investment.

In addition to the above mentioned binary options types, EmpireOption offers the newest type of options called 60 seconds that are very popular nowadays. These instruments have a very short lifetime and expire in a minute from opening. They can be interpreted as equivalent to Forex scalping which is a trading strategy in Forex aiming to make many small profits and generate income coming from the high amount of successful trades despite their volume.

The EmpireOption platform is available for mobile devices thus ensuring access to the markets on the go. You can download the application for iPhone and Android completely secure.

Trading Stocks

Empire Option offers its investors 52 stocks, a wide variety of currencies, several commodities and huge number of indices to be traded with. If you are a new trader in the binary option trading market this is a good choice for you. The platform has many similarities with other top class binary option trading platforms but the neatness and simplicity with this site makes it unique in its own class.

Unique Features Provided by EmpireOption.com are:

  • Weekly and Daily Market Reviews.
  • One Touch Options.
  • In the Insurance feature, they offer 10 percent return.
  • Yahoo News Feed.

High Return Rates

EmpireOption offers one of the highest return rates in the market. The in-the-money feature provides the investors up to 85 percent return. Instead of that the out-of-the-money offers investors up to 10 percent return.


EmpireOption offers its investors 3 languages to communicate with it. These are: English, Portuguese and Spanish.


This platform offers its customers special kind of promotions which will help you to get more profit. The three types of promotions are Bonus for First Time Depositors, Refer a Friend, and Bonus for Trades.

Customer Support

They offer high standard customers support for its customers with email, live chat, phone call.

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For French site, click here.

For Portuguese site, click here.

For Spanish site, click here.

Jason Fielder is coming up with another Forex course – the Cloud Control Trader.  This Forex system is unlike any in the market. It uses the same trading rules of some of the largest banks.

Who is Jason Fielder?

Jason Fielder

Also known as the “Guru” and “Veteran” of foreign exchange, Jason Fielder has been successfully trading in foreign currency for the past 15 years. Jason has launched many courses and literally has helped thousands of traders. These courses are not just by someone who has recently found success in foreign currency trades. These are by someone who has not only himself found success in forex trading but has also helped hundreds of people in quitting their day jobs and take foreign currency trade as a proper and full time business.

Jason’s life story is very much similar to any of us. He used to go on his job in the morning and returned late at night and never got time to spend with his family. He was taking foreign currency trading as a part time business. Finally, Jason thought to take foreign currency trade as a full time job. In 2006, he quit his highly paid job to give forex more time. Quitting his job which was considered as a dream job by many was really worth it as Jason got huge success and respect in forex and now is also one of the few gurus of foreign currency trade.

With Cloud Control Trader by Jason Fielder, you can trade like the Pros, like the Banks do.

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The Truth About Forex Trading

You cannot start forex trading or any type of business without proper education and guidance. Although it is true that anyone can step in forex trading however, people who jump into this business without any guidance usually fail. Many start without any guidance and the ones who adopt some forex trading course end up getting scammed. This is the main reason why more than 90% people fail in forex trading. You need a perfect and trustworthy forex trading course. There is no doubt that you can learn forex trading yourself through trial and error, but there is no point in spending time and money when all the hard work has already been done for you by someone else.

Introducing the Forex Profit Multiplier

Forex Profit Multiplier developed by Bill Poulos is a complete forex training course which can be used by anyone with any level of expertise in forex trading. The main target of this course is to let you create a sustainable trading income in no time. Forex Profit Multiplier is known as the best forex trading course available in the market today. It is developed by the person who is himself in forex trading from more than 10 years.

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Forex Profit Multiplier Review – Is it a Scam?

The only thing which stops people from buying any software or online course is whether it is a scam or not. To put it in simple words, the answer is a big NO. Forex Profit Multiplier is developed by a very trustworthy forex trader who also owns the company named Profits Run. You will get your money back in few months if you follow the course step by step. Bill Poulos claims that Forex Trading Multiplier is the best and up-to-date forex trading course available in the market today. Thousands of people are using this course and many have found success in very little time. There are also hundreds of Forex Multiplier Reviews available online.

Listen to the below interview with Bill Poulos about the Forex Profit Multiplier:


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Advantages of Forex Profit Multiplier

1-      Start trading with only $500. Yes, multiplying small capital is possible with this forex trading course

2-      Bill has left no topic uncovered. It is your complete guide for forex trading

3-      Start trading from home without anyone’s help

4-      Clear your mind with regular questions and answers sessions

5-      Get alerts via SMS or RSS by using the special trading alert software developed by Bill Poulos

6-      It makes trading possible for those who have tight schedules and can give only an hour or two daily to forex trading.

7-      Weekly Online Coaching Sessions

8-      24/7 Exceptional Support

9-      1 on 1 training sessions in Live Trading Room

Forex Profit Multiplier Bonus

Although, the training course is enough to teach you the skills required for your success. Bonuses offered by Forex Profit Multiplier are also very useful. Bonuses usually include the tools and other software which help you a lot in your training and trading. Many forex trading courses offer bonuses to their students but the main difference between those and Forex Profit Multiplier Bonus is that that they are a source of distraction and instead of helping you in any way, they eat up your precious time.


There is no need to read reviews or try other forex trading courses when you already know about Forex Profit Multiplier. Make sure you sign up for this course before all the slots get filled. Bill Poulos only takes in a specific number of students so he can provide them with the best possible training. During the course, you will be taken from basic level to advanced level in a very nice and professional way. Do not hesitate to buy this course. You will surely not regret it, plus you will also be given 90 days money back guarantee. You have nothing to lose.

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Cristina Ciurea was the creator of the Scientific Forex, a tool that offers incredible benefits to those who want to make the most out of their trading. Ciurea designed this software after winning a trading challenge in which she debuted her scientific methods in addressing Forex and trading skills. With the help of the Scientific Forex, she can present her award winning and sure fire methods regarding forex to other traders who are beginners in the industry and would like to get a boost in this industry. This is also ideal for professionals who would like to see a whole new perspective regarding trading and the opportunities that are available.

>> In a hurry? Click here to visit the official Scientific Forex site.

In this Scientific Forex Review, we will tackle the beginnings and how it all began; its features and what traders can get that will benefit them the most. You will also become aware of the Scientific Forex bonus and what these unique additions can actually benefit consumers who are interested about Forex, and how to go about the process for a successful trade.

Who is Cristina Ciurea?

Cristina started out as a mathematician who has a background in science and a post graduate degree. She has 40 years of experience finance and banking. Through her several years of experience in the financial sector, she has been well trained about various aspects of trading and how to effectively succeed in the industry.

What is included in Scientific Forex?

The Scientific Forex is not an eBook. This is an actual system that will be shipped to you. It contains a manual as well as a set of DVDs and all these products will be shipped and delivered to you at your doorstep. So what does this unique system entail? It is a method or system in trading and it comes with a specially made program that can be used to identify the entry points in relation to the algorithms. It also includes tips, instructions and ideas that are relevant to trading, how to handle a successful trading venture and how to implement the principles.

The advantage?

One advantage is that the system is not something you can download online. You get a manual in hard copy and you can also get copies of videos of things that you can learn. This makes the program more believable. What you get here is not a rip off but actual tools that can be used to boost your trading experience.

Is Scientific Forex success proven?

The products are yet to be tested since they are yet to be shipped on the last week of February.  Nonetheless, based on available information, it seems like this tool can very much be the next rage in the industry.

Through this system, Ciurea was able to make a profit of 161.12% with a span of one month. What more if you continue to use it in one year? If you are underwhelmed with what you see in your trading, then you will definitely benefit from this system as it includes all the necessary information you need.

Need more prove? Check out the video below:

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Is it worth buying?

With this system, you get the full color manual that will share step by step instructions on how to trade effectively. To complement this system, there is also a DVD that contains video instructions on how to make use of the software and how to trade effectively. The system contains 4 DVD videos and the software disk that you have to install to effectively use the Scientific Forex system.

Other Scientific Forex Bonus include the training lab and the customer service available 24/7 to ensure that the traders can get clarifications on how to make use of the system and how it can rich your trading experience. There is definitely a lot to gain from this course. I would highly recommend that you give it a try.

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Do you want to know the win BEFORE you even put in the trade? Now you can.

Jason Fielder revealed that his ForexArb software is the only one that can get you 5-95 pips gain!

FREE Training Webinar by Jason Fielder himself showing you how it is done.

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The Forex arena is not an easy field. It involves very tricky rules and the faster you respond to opportunities, the higher is your chance to earn profits. You must be quick to react whenever there is a chance to earn money. If you are sluggish in making a move, you will be left at the bottom and there’s a bad chance that you will ever earn money in this field.

People in the Forex market use Forex Arbitrage. This trading strategy is very effective in making profit from the Forex market. This is utilizing the inefficiency of the pricing of the pairs of currency. Other arbitrage strategies involve the act of exploiting inefficiencies of the pricing system. This strategy will then correct the market problem. The opportunities that can be driven from this incident are just a short time event and you have to act faster before it disappears.

The video below explain the fundamentals of Arbitrage and application in Forex. Take a look at it.

>> CLICK HERE to download the Demo version of this new Forex Arbitrage software.

What are the Forex Arbitrage tools available?

There are techniques to do this faster. There are even Forex arbitrage calculators available so you can find these opportunities more quickly. One piece of advice that I can give you is to try a demo mode of the calculators. Choose one that is very handy and will not cause you any trouble. Calculators are mostly expensive and you have to make sure that they are working right and they are worth your money. There are also forums for Forex traders and it will be useful if you will ask them about their experiences. You can even learn techniques from them.

It is not surprising at all why others are having a tough time investing on specific software, particularly when you are not that familiar yet with Forex market. There is a piece of software called Forex Arbitrages that will help you take advantage of the strategy. However, if you are not familiar with the software and strategy itself, it is going to be very tough to execute it to your success.

It is advisable that you do your own researches and begin acquiring important facts about Forex market. Of course you don’t want to lose money due to some unreliable programs. But to tell you frankly, most people would look for money-generating program to help them with Forex arbitrage.

If you are not that aware of the Forex market, then you are advised to inform yourself and discover ways on how to do the basics in Forex exchange. Once you are done with that, you might be able to risk some of your funds and begin trading by using the best system. Mind you, not all products are effective since others are just scams.

New Forex Arbitrage course launching in December

If the concept of Forex arbitrage is used correctly, it can be a promising strategy that you can use to improve your earnings. It is really impossible to lose if you properly execute the Forex arbitrage strategy.

There’s a new product coming out this month of December. It’s a course that will teach you exactly about Forex Arbitrage.

[Update: 29 November 2011]: A FREE report on Forex Arbitrage is now available.

[Update: 3 December 2011]: A DEMO version of Forex Arbitrage is available now.

[Update: 6 December 2011]: Finally, now you can download the Forex Arbitrage software. Limited copies available. CLICK HERE fast to download.


Make sure to subscribe on my site and I’ll let you know when it has already been released. I will also write a review so I can personally share the strong points of the software.

[15 December Update] Market Mastery is LIVE now! Download your copy here and try it for 60 days risk-free.

People normally doubt the methods launched to assist traders explore the stock market. Yet The Market Mastery Program has brought new hopes by providing better services.  While reading materials tend to be loaded with difficult-to-understand principles, this six-module program comes with 12 CDs. Every CD features tutorials, enhanced with true to life stories and coloured charts. Also, transcripts, synopses and a user manual are also included in the package for easy orientation.

The course itself comprise of eight group-tutoring sessions facilitated once every week for less than half an hour every day. Since it concentrates on end-of-day stock exchange, you can use the steps at night once the market closes. That means you can spend the rest of your hours after work on more relaxed and less demanding works.

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Market mastery Protégé is a four-way process. The training is fastened on four swing-trading techniques that can be utilized individually or all at once. The key to being successful in this field is to learn how to reduce risks and take full advantage of the profits in several market circumstances and simultaneously identifying the correct indicators and patterns.

The methods are accurate and real-world. The program’s designer, Bill Poulos, tested every method. He has over 30 years of trading practice.

So what are the methods?

  • Step 1

The initial step focuses more on knowing how it feels to be in the field and for you to identify secured entry points and subsequently high-potential trades. By doing so, you will know how to smartly scrutinize over 7,000 stock choices.

  • Step 2

The next step concentrates more on how the market moves. You will know how to single out actions that are possibly gainful and how to get rid of risks every time you do a trade.

  • Step 3

The third step explains how to accurately interpret charts and in turn identified low-risk entry points in the market. It clarifies why not all flag or emblems formations are worthy of a transaction.

  • Step 4

The fourth and final step will allow you to choose on a hidden trading options, a few of which you might not be aware of. This also assists you on how to create trend reversals work to your benefit.

Market Mastery Trade Alert Software

If based on content, the Market mastery Program is considered to be one of the broadest yet simple training programs made available online. Most importantly, the highlight of the course is its BRAND NEW trade alert software.

It can assist you in removing stress from what is normally a daunting task. Furthermore, you will gain the confidence to become a reliable, self-regulating trader. You will surely be the kind of trader who is endowed with good decision making skills and somebody who knows what he or she is doing. So if you are planning to enter the world of trading or wants to increase your profits, this trade alert software is a must have. Go and see the benefits yourself.

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[15 December Update] Forex Profit Accelerator is LIVE now! Download your copy here and try it for 60 days risk-free.

[20 November Update] Bookmark your calendar on 5th of December. Due to real results as in amazing trading results from users of the previous launch, Bill Poulos is releasing again his Forex Profit Accelerator Trade Alert Software. In addition to that, there will also be weekly group coaching sessions with Bill Poulos himself.

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[26 September Update] Forex Profit Accelerator is released today at 1pm EST.

Have you heard of the latest Forex software by Bill Poulos? It is called the Forex Profit Accelerator Trade Alert Software. Well, if you have bought the older course by Bill Poulos – Forex Profit Accelerator, then you may be aware of this latest product.

Forex Profit Accelerator is a very well-known forex trading course where many have learnt from it and see real investment return surge in their trading. Bill Poulos’s 30 years of trading experience is packed into this course. The course teaches you how to trade only 20 minutes per day, in contrast to the long hours we are used to. Therefore, it covers mechanical as well as technical analysis for accurate enter, stop and exit rules, together with in-depth knowledge in risk management. Specifically, it teaches 4 trading methods – instant pips method, pip maximizer 1 method, pip maximize 2 method and pip reversal method.

However, the original course does not come with automation. The new Forex Profit Accelerator Trade Alert software is aimed to cover that gap. It is a powerful software that will alert you of any best setup for the 4 trading methods stated above. The software will be released on 26 September 2011. I will keep updating this blog when I have more details to share.

At the meantime, 3 free training videos will be made available regarding the trading methods and software.

Forex Profit Accelerator Trade Alert Software Free Videos

Video #1: How to Predict the 5 Day Trend of the 6 Best Forex Markets

Video #2: How to Automatically Shield Your Forex Account From Risk

Video #3: How to trade Forex “For Free”


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Free Live Webinar bought to you by Jason Fielder from TradeForgeFX – How To Build Your Own Winning Trading System in 5 Minutes or Less – That Make You Money.

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By Jason Fielder,

Join me LIVE! as I reveal how “With never before seen technology, complete “idiots” are creating trading systems for FREE that are KILLING $10,000 guru systems”

Over 5000 people attended the live training yesterday. If you have missed it yesterday or fail to attend due to  full capacity has been hit, there are 2 more sessions today.

  • Friday, April 22nd, 2011 1pm EST
  • Friday, April 22nd, 2011 9pm EST

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