Cristina Ciurea was the creator of the Scientific Forex, a tool that offers incredible benefits to those who want to make the most out of their trading. Ciurea designed this software after winning a trading challenge in which she debuted her scientific methods in addressing Forex and trading skills. With the help of the Scientific Forex, she can present her award winning and sure fire methods regarding forex to other traders who are beginners in the industry and would like to get a boost in this industry. This is also ideal for professionals who would like to see a whole new perspective regarding trading and the opportunities that are available.

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In this Scientific Forex Review, we will tackle the beginnings and how it all began; its features and what traders can get that will benefit them the most. You will also become aware of the Scientific Forex bonus and what these unique additions can actually benefit consumers who are interested about Forex, and how to go about the process for a successful trade.

Who is Cristina Ciurea?

Cristina started out as a mathematician who has a background in science and a post graduate degree. She has 40 years of experience finance and banking. Through her several years of experience in the financial sector, she has been well trained about various aspects of trading and how to effectively succeed in the industry.

What is included in Scientific Forex?

The Scientific Forex is not an eBook. This is an actual system that will be shipped to you. It contains a manual as well as a set of DVDs and all these products will be shipped and delivered to you at your doorstep. So what does this unique system entail? It is a method or system in trading and it comes with a specially made program that can be used to identify the entry points in relation to the algorithms. It also includes tips, instructions and ideas that are relevant to trading, how to handle a successful trading venture and how to implement the principles.

The advantage?

One advantage is that the system is not something you can download online. You get a manual in hard copy and you can also get copies of videos of things that you can learn. This makes the program more believable. What you get here is not a rip off but actual tools that can be used to boost your trading experience.

Is Scientific Forex success proven?

The products are yet to be tested since they are yet to be shipped on the last week of February.  Nonetheless, based on available information, it seems like this tool can very much be the next rage in the industry.

Through this system, Ciurea was able to make a profit of 161.12% with a span of one month. What more if you continue to use it in one year? If you are underwhelmed with what you see in your trading, then you will definitely benefit from this system as it includes all the necessary information you need.

Need more prove? Check out the video below:

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Is it worth buying?

With this system, you get the full color manual that will share step by step instructions on how to trade effectively. To complement this system, there is also a DVD that contains video instructions on how to make use of the software and how to trade effectively. The system contains 4 DVD videos and the software disk that you have to install to effectively use the Scientific Forex system.

Other Scientific Forex Bonus include the training lab and the customer service available 24/7 to ensure that the traders can get clarifications on how to make use of the system and how it can rich your trading experience. There is definitely a lot to gain from this course. I would highly recommend that you give it a try.

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The Forex arena is not an easy field. It involves very tricky rules and the faster you respond to opportunities, the higher is your chance to earn profits. You must be quick to react whenever there is a chance to earn money. If you are sluggish in making a move, you will be left at the bottom and there’s a bad chance that you will ever earn money in this field.

People in the Forex market use Forex Arbitrage. This trading strategy is very effective in making profit from the Forex market. This is utilizing the inefficiency of the pricing of the pairs of currency. Other arbitrage strategies involve the act of exploiting inefficiencies of the pricing system. This strategy will then correct the market problem. The opportunities that can be driven from this incident are just a short time event and you have to act faster before it disappears.

The video below explain the fundamentals of Arbitrage and application in Forex. Take a look at it.

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What are the Forex Arbitrage tools available?

There are techniques to do this faster. There are even Forex arbitrage calculators available so you can find these opportunities more quickly. One piece of advice that I can give you is to try a demo mode of the calculators. Choose one that is very handy and will not cause you any trouble. Calculators are mostly expensive and you have to make sure that they are working right and they are worth your money. There are also forums for Forex traders and it will be useful if you will ask them about their experiences. You can even learn techniques from them.

It is not surprising at all why others are having a tough time investing on specific software, particularly when you are not that familiar yet with Forex market. There is a piece of software called Forex Arbitrages that will help you take advantage of the strategy. However, if you are not familiar with the software and strategy itself, it is going to be very tough to execute it to your success.

It is advisable that you do your own researches and begin acquiring important facts about Forex market. Of course you don’t want to lose money due to some unreliable programs. But to tell you frankly, most people would look for money-generating program to help them with Forex arbitrage.

If you are not that aware of the Forex market, then you are advised to inform yourself and discover ways on how to do the basics in Forex exchange. Once you are done with that, you might be able to risk some of your funds and begin trading by using the best system. Mind you, not all products are effective since others are just scams.

New Forex Arbitrage course launching in December

If the concept of Forex arbitrage is used correctly, it can be a promising strategy that you can use to improve your earnings. It is really impossible to lose if you properly execute the Forex arbitrage strategy.

There’s a new product coming out this month of December. It’s a course that will teach you exactly about Forex Arbitrage.

[Update: 29 November 2011]: A FREE report on Forex Arbitrage is now available.

[Update: 3 December 2011]: A DEMO version of Forex Arbitrage is available now.

[Update: 6 December 2011]: Finally, now you can download the Forex Arbitrage software. Limited copies available. CLICK HERE fast to download.


Make sure to subscribe on my site and I’ll let you know when it has already been released. I will also write a review so I can personally share the strong points of the software.

[15 December Update] Market Mastery is LIVE now! Download your copy here and try it for 60 days risk-free.

People normally doubt the methods launched to assist traders explore the stock market. Yet The Market Mastery Program has brought new hopes by providing better services.  While reading materials tend to be loaded with difficult-to-understand principles, this six-module program comes with 12 CDs. Every CD features tutorials, enhanced with true to life stories and coloured charts. Also, transcripts, synopses and a user manual are also included in the package for easy orientation.

The course itself comprise of eight group-tutoring sessions facilitated once every week for less than half an hour every day. Since it concentrates on end-of-day stock exchange, you can use the steps at night once the market closes. That means you can spend the rest of your hours after work on more relaxed and less demanding works.

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Market mastery Protégé is a four-way process. The training is fastened on four swing-trading techniques that can be utilized individually or all at once. The key to being successful in this field is to learn how to reduce risks and take full advantage of the profits in several market circumstances and simultaneously identifying the correct indicators and patterns.

The methods are accurate and real-world. The program’s designer, Bill Poulos, tested every method. He has over 30 years of trading practice.

So what are the methods?

  • Step 1

The initial step focuses more on knowing how it feels to be in the field and for you to identify secured entry points and subsequently high-potential trades. By doing so, you will know how to smartly scrutinize over 7,000 stock choices.

  • Step 2

The next step concentrates more on how the market moves. You will know how to single out actions that are possibly gainful and how to get rid of risks every time you do a trade.

  • Step 3

The third step explains how to accurately interpret charts and in turn identified low-risk entry points in the market. It clarifies why not all flag or emblems formations are worthy of a transaction.

  • Step 4

The fourth and final step will allow you to choose on a hidden trading options, a few of which you might not be aware of. This also assists you on how to create trend reversals work to your benefit.

Market Mastery Trade Alert Software

If based on content, the Market mastery Program is considered to be one of the broadest yet simple training programs made available online. Most importantly, the highlight of the course is its BRAND NEW trade alert software.

It can assist you in removing stress from what is normally a daunting task. Furthermore, you will gain the confidence to become a reliable, self-regulating trader. You will surely be the kind of trader who is endowed with good decision making skills and somebody who knows what he or she is doing. So if you are planning to enter the world of trading or wants to increase your profits, this trade alert software is a must have. Go and see the benefits yourself.

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[15 December Update] Forex Profit Accelerator is LIVE now! Download your copy here and try it for 60 days risk-free.

[20 November Update] Bookmark your calendar on 5th of December. Due to real results as in amazing trading results from users of the previous launch, Bill Poulos is releasing again his Forex Profit Accelerator Trade Alert Software. In addition to that, there will also be weekly group coaching sessions with Bill Poulos himself.

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[26 September Update] Forex Profit Accelerator is released today at 1pm EST.

Have you heard of the latest Forex software by Bill Poulos? It is called the Forex Profit Accelerator Trade Alert Software. Well, if you have bought the older course by Bill Poulos – Forex Profit Accelerator, then you may be aware of this latest product.

Forex Profit Accelerator is a very well-known forex trading course where many have learnt from it and see real investment return surge in their trading. Bill Poulos’s 30 years of trading experience is packed into this course. The course teaches you how to trade only 20 minutes per day, in contrast to the long hours we are used to. Therefore, it covers mechanical as well as technical analysis for accurate enter, stop and exit rules, together with in-depth knowledge in risk management. Specifically, it teaches 4 trading methods – instant pips method, pip maximizer 1 method, pip maximize 2 method and pip reversal method.

However, the original course does not come with automation. The new Forex Profit Accelerator Trade Alert software is aimed to cover that gap. It is a powerful software that will alert you of any best setup for the 4 trading methods stated above. The software will be released on 26 September 2011. I will keep updating this blog when I have more details to share.

At the meantime, 3 free training videos will be made available regarding the trading methods and software.

Forex Profit Accelerator Trade Alert Software Free Videos

Video #1: How to Predict the 5 Day Trend of the 6 Best Forex Markets

Video #2: How to Automatically Shield Your Forex Account From Risk

Video #3: How to trade Forex “For Free”


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I have been thinking quite a lot on what kind of bonuses I should be giving. I want to put together a special package that you would benefit from – it is not about how much the bonuses itself cost, however, I would like to have for you a bonus package that will complement TradeForgeFX and at the end of the day put more $$ into your bank account. It will be a win-win situation for both of us.

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Now if you are a beginner, this is going to be what we called your “Forex Trading Bible”. This manual covers from the most basic, basically A-Z what you need to know and how to get started with forex trading. It sure comes in handy for you to learn then apply and test your knowledge with TradeForgeFX.

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Theory of Binary InversionHave you heard of the “Theory of Binary Inversion”?

This is the biggest yet exposed GLITCH in trading since the “John Nash’s Beautiful Mind Equilibrium Theory”. You can read it all from a 12 page free report.

Jason Fielder (Fielder’s Law) from TradeForgeFX has just completed the first public white paper ever written on Binary Inversion and it will be the most important 12 page trading document you will ever read.

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  • Money Loves Speed: Why trading research is unnecessary and counter-productive, and the “shotgun method” that real traders use to profit in fast-moving markets…
  • And much, much more…(including an inside look at the software I use to build my winning trading systems)…

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TradeForgeFX is designed to suit beginners, intermediate as well as professional traders. As Trade Forge FX is a system where you can just drag and drop to create an automated forex trading system that suits you without any programming knowledge needed, it can be used by total beginner.

What is there to be gained from TradeForgeFX for beginners?

  • Trade Forge FX is not just a software system, it comes with training videos and training guides. These will be key materials for beginners.
  • Beginners can easily create demo accounts where you can use this testing accounts to test out different parameters, learn; before a live trading.
  • With this piece of revolutionary forex software, beginners can stay away from so many forex scams out there. Now, you may not find this important. But to me, this is critical. Beginners, especially may be sucked into all those millions dollars overnight earning scams, scam into buying one after another piece of junk forex robots.

Make no mistake. TradeForgeFX is the real deal. And please please stay away from so many scams out there.

What about advanced or professional forex traders?

  • At last, you do not need to spend thousands of dollars hiring programmers for coming up with automation platform that works.  Does that ring a bell? Is that a big relieve?
  • With Trade Forge FX, you can set your own parameters, signals, tweak and test – all with easy customization, without the need to touch a piece of code.

Anyhow, TradeForgeFX is putting the power back to your own hands. It resolved the pitfalls of so many other forex systems. Trade ForgeFX will be released on April 25th. For now, Jason Fielder from Forex Impact, the creator of TradeForge FX is giving out free report.

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TradeForgeFX Free ReportThis free report exposes the raw underbelly of the Forex industry in a way that will SHOCK you and may turn your stomach. Exposed by TradeForgeFX.

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The answer is… They won’t… it’s all a dirty trick.

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Through this free Forex Fools and Liars report, Jason Fielder of TradeForgeFX gonna spills all the high guarded secrets:

  • How you’re being cheated and fed a constant stream of flawed mis-information regarding the Forex…
  • Why you’re being charged in some cases 100X more than you should be for information and what really happens to all that money…
  • The guarded back room secret that is being kept from you that ALL MASSIVELY successful traders already know
  • How to leverage this secret through the “REVOLUTIONARY” theory of Binary Inversion…
  • And much, much more…

This is sensitive information. The report could be taken down anytime. Grab a copy before it is gone forever.

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TradeForgeFXAs a forex trader, I am sure you have bought and tried before a forex robot or even a number of forex robots. forex robots are automated system that automates the forex trading process, trading signals and run. You can also manage all your accounts. A new automated system – TradeForgeFX is releasing this month, April 2011. TradeForgeFX is created by Jason Fielder from Forex Impact.

Now, if you are new to forex robots, “why automation?” you may ask. Automation allows you to earn passive income which is otherwise impossible. It also gets rid of the time zone difference factors if you trade from different countries.

Why is TradeForgeFX so special? Any different from other forex robots or software?

Read the below TradeForgeFX review to find out more…

In fact, TradeForgeFX is not just any forex robots, it is truly one of its kind – a true game changer!

TradeForgeFX is not a pre-programmed robot promising to make you money in the forex markets on autopilot, rather it is a software program that allows you to easily create automated forex trading systems within minutes without the need to have any programming knowledge whatsoever.

How does the TradeForgeFX work?

TradeForgeFX System is very user friendly to use and anyone can build a system from scratch. The program integrates into your MetaTrader account. So using it is as simple as:

  • Install the Trade Forge FX System script to your MetaTrader 4 account
  • Choose the technical indicators you want your trading system to be based upon by dragging and dropping from the list of indicators
  • Save your forex trading system
  • Test your fx trading system based on historical data to easily see if would have been profitable before trading it live

With this system, you will not need to get another forex robot from the market. You can now custom-made your own forex trading system!

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